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This is why I do what I do...this is Tojo's story:


Tojo was my first donkey. I met him by chance. Someone came to my work poace needing money and they asked me if I wanted to buy a donkey. I bought Tojo because I thought he needed to be rescued. He came to live on our farm with my horses, and he promptly took charge, always stirring up trouble with them! Tojo offered endless hours of entertainment.  I swear he thought he was a horse despite his 36 inch frame!


Tojo was my buddy...always there to greet me.  I know he probably just wanted a treat, but it was more than that to me. He was like my soulmate. He sensed when I had had a bad day, and all shenanagins aside, he would come to me and I would sit on the grass next to him, as if disussing the perils or joys that day had held. He would stand so still, so quiet, so sincere...just being there. Often he would take my head under his chin and pull me to his chest to comfort me. How could this miniature equine who always stirred up trouble be so caring? But, he was.


Tojo has since passed and I am excited to know that I will see him again one day in Heaven! In the mean time, I am determined to raise these loving, beautiful donkeys so that adults and children alike can experience the joy and love that Tojo brought to me. FOR YOU SEE, THE TRUTH IS THAT TOJO RESCUED ME!!

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